Alice Malice

Mar 06

bigjavo said: Have you ever had a dream? That you, um, you had, your, you'll do, you could, you, you want, you want them, to do you so much, you could do anything?

I have no idea what this means!

I’d tie them down and tell them how I dislike AvX and rant about the Bendis run.

But I still have no idea about this question!

Mar 05

katrealux said: Whats your favorite alcoholic drink?


Oh it’s the yummiest.And it makes me the sluttiest.

I also enjoy dirty martinis, gin and tonics, and bloody marys!

Alice is tipsy, gimme fun questions.

bigjavo said: what kind of pet would you have if money and space were no object?

Hmm. I’d love a big dog, like a Husky.  But I would like one that was friendly, and I would do everything I could to help it learn to be friendly. I’m mostly a cat owner who knows little about dogs. But I like them. :3

blackbat09 said: Alice... How would you suggest someone deal with finding out that someone they really care about, or love, even, had been manipulating them & lying to them for a while, & were remorseless about it? I don't want to be angry for the rest of my life, but I also don't want to be sad, because they don't deserve my tears.

If you’ve decided that a person doesn’t deserve your tears, they also don’t deserve your time. Move on.

xadinax said: Top 5 females you love to sleep with? Famous or not 😝

Uh….I want to have sex with a lot of women. So this is very hard. XD This is the hardest question ever.

Mar 02

blackphoenix77 said: Who's your favorite character to cosplay as?

Hard to say! Right now She-Hulk and Rogue are super fun.

And River Song, but ONLY when there are loads of Doctors about. Helllloooo husbands!

I’m bored! Ask me questions and thou shall get an answer!

Feb 15

guygvmer said: are you single?

Nope! I’ve been in a relationship for nearly 10 years now!

Feb 12